Adverse Event Reporting & Analytics

Device Events is a cloud-based software service that provides comprehensive and cost-effective access to the most up to date information available on adverse events associated with medical devices. Healthcare organizations, and the organizations that support them, can use the Device Events system to quickly identify and track problem devices and understand the history, quantity, and severity of related adverse events. With our service, users make more informed decisions, resulting in better health outcomes and reduced risk for both patients and their organizations.

Early Detection...
     Improves Patient Safety
     Better Health Outcomes
     Strengthens Risk Management

More than 70,000 adverse event reports (MDRs) are submitted to the FDA every month.  Although, The FDA monitors the submissions, it can take between 2 months and 2 years before the FDA identifies a problem device and issues a recall notification to the manufacturer.

During this time, healthcare organizations, need visibility into adverse event activity, so they can discontinue the use of problem devices and thereby improve health outcomes for their patients. By the time a recall occurs it can be too late.

The clear, usable, and comprehensive information supplied by Device Event software, supplies healthcare providers with the information they need to make proactive decisions that will improve patient safety, their health outcomes and limit risks for their organizations and their providers.

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